LOW SUPERHEAT (evaporator outlet)

Cold Suction Line/Compressor Location – Liquid Migration to Low Side During Off Cycle
Compressor Oversized
Cracked Diaphragm or Bellows- Automatic Expansion Valve
Evaporator Fan Blades On or Running Backwards
Excessive Accumulation of Oil in Evaporator
Excessive Coil Frosting
Excessive Subcooling
External Equalizer Line Plugged or Capped
Faulty TEV or Wrong Charge in Sensing Bulb
Interrupted Pumpdown
Long, Free Draining Suction Line to Compressor
Overcharge of Refrigerant and/or Oil
Oversized Condenser
Oversized TEV
Poor Bulb and Equalizer Location
Poor Distribution Through Evaporator Circuits
System Contamination
TEV Seat/Liquid Line Solenoid Seat/Compressor Discharge Valve Leaks During Off Cycle
TEV Superheat Setting Too low
Uneven or Inadequate Evaporator Loading