Unit Starts, but Short-cycle

Probable Cause:

High pressure lock-out.

  1. Dirty condenser.
  2. Excessive refrigerant charge on nonreceiver.
  3. High suction pressure
  4. High/low voltage, high amperage on 3 phase supply, voltage out of balance.

Low pressure lock-out.

  1. Low-refrigerant flow (see section on “high superheat”).
  2. Low air flow thru evaporator.
  3. Low outside temperature
  4. Partial load, low humidity, , without capacity control.
  5. Evaporator discharge air recirculating.
  6. Liquid line solenoid leaking during the off cycle.
  7. Compressor valve leaking during the off cycle.
  8. Undercharged system.
  9. TEV problems

Uninsulated receiver exposed to low ambient.



Find source of problem and take corrective action.

Insulate and/or artificially heat receiver.